Jason Stredwick


Current Residence:
Bothell, WA 98011

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   (2003?) Shawn, Keri, and Faith
   (2003) Joseph and Samuel
   (2005?) Family
   (2003) Chicago
   (2004?) Pasco
   (2004?) Camping at Hood Park
   (2003?) Shawn's old place
   (2006) Sara and Brett's wedding
A view of the  Tri-Cities (including  Pasco my hometown) from my mom's house.

Ah, the fine sand, how I miss it.

A fine view of the  sagebrush and  cheatgrass

A view of the pasture and a little of the Northwest.  Eleven new houses appear on the horizon during my two week trip home.

A view to the west, you can kind of see the cows in the pasture.

A look to the southwest.  Rattlesnake mountain is behind the large tree to the left of the picture.

A view to the south.

A little to the southeast

To the west

To the north

The ditchbank north of the house

Looking south down the road next to the house