Jason Stredwick


Current Residence:
Bothell, WA 98011

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Masters Work
     Temple and Fountain
     Monte Carlo Ray Tracing
     Various Graphics
     Socket Shifting
     Mutation Rates
   Various Code
Misc. Ideas
Source code and executable are provided in the zip.

TempleAndFountain source code and project files only
TempleAndFountain source code and executable

Summary / Readme

CSE 891 Section 603
Title: Temple and Fountain

Jason Stredwick

The TempleAndFountain program meets most of the requirements for project 1. The scene is a simple temple and fountain set within day and night changing world. The scale for this world is 1 unit = 1 in. There is no interaction beyond a flying eyepoint and the ability to pause the environmental dynamics.

World Description:
The temple is a raised marble platform with a fountain at its center. The fountain is filled with water and has a spout in the center. Water bubbles out of the spout at a specified speed with a random delta speed added to it. As the water flows into the pool of water, each bubble is recycled.

Surrounding the temple are a few fluted columns. The columns are actually fluted and are not illusions. To emphasis the temple, the sun and the moon move through their cycles below the dome of the sky. As the sun approaches the horizon, it inevitably sets or rises in a bloody red color compared to the white light of noon. The ambient light level also increases as the day approaches noon. All this is set on a vast grassy plain in a valley high up in the mountains.

The executables, GenerateModels.exe and TempleAndFountain.exe, expect a Model and Texture directory to be in the same directory as themselves. If any part of the model fails to load, the model will not appear. To conserve space, only one model directory with pregenerated models and textures exists. All models can be generated by executing the GenerateModel.exe program. It will create new versions of all the models and place them in the Model directory. There is a lot to load, and takes a few seconds.

*Note 1: One potential problem with generating models is the loader does not like scientific notation. It will not load a model with such a value. I attempt to ensure this doesn't occur, but certain machines/compilers do so anyways.

*Note 2: I attempted to do "blue screening" on the mountain texture. I modified the CTexture class to store alpha values. It would set all alpha values to 0xff, unless a specified color was read, which would then set the alpha value to 0x00. Even though the modification of the texture worked well, when attempting to blend the polygons that had this texture it would make all of the texture transparent and not just the texels that were set transparent.

a   strafe left
d   strafe right
s   move forward
x   move backward
z   move up
c   move down

j   yaw left
l   yaw right
k   pitch up
,   pitch down
m   roll left
.   roll right

t   switch between flying eyepoint(default) and rotating around 
      the origin
+   increase translation speed
-   decrease translation speed
]   increase rotation speed
[   decrease rotation speed

right mouse   allows rotation
left mouse    pause the moving parts