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WhirlingDervish is a program I created to perform my evolution experiments for my thesis. A tar ball of the source code is available. WhirlingDervish compiles and runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX. To compile under windows, one simply opens the solution file in the top level directory. To compile under Linux and Mac requires cmake. For Mac, a special directory will be required that should automatically be generated by cmake. If it does not, I will try to supply some documentation on what is required to get it going, at some point in the future. To compile the source one simply types:

ccmake . ; cmake . ; make ;

Please note that the compiled executables are in the bin directory. WhirlingDervishEnvironment is the program that can perform a single evolutionary run and is equivalent to the WDEvolver. WhirlingDervishPlay is the GUI that allows one to observe a single individual and is equivalent to the WDViewer.

The following are two zip files containing the WhirlingDervish executables for Windows. The WDEvolver is a console application, which uses the accompanying input files for its evolutionary and system parameters. Upon running, it will, by default, create a random seed and perform a single evolutionary run. WDViewer does not perform any evolution, instead it is meant to view evolved individuals. See the link to the extraction tools for both an explanation and tools for extracting evolved individuals from the output files generated by the WDEvolver.